Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Tootsie Time Fertilizer Friday Flaunt your Flowers and here are some photos of my flowers. The brugmansia is on its third flush this season. I am not sure what her name is but it is so verrry fragrant at dusk. The bright orange flower is a vanda orchid, it likes to hang and sway under an oak tree.

I love my dancing ladies, globbas, they are so bright and colorful. And lastly is a hoya that is also hanging under an oak tree. The detail of the flower is amazing. The proud , beautiful ,white, fragrant flower is a crinium lily.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden Art

Below are some pictures of gardens that I saw this morning at Rockledge Gardens.
A succulent garden in a bird bath. I love this red chair with the plants in it. Wouldn't you love to recieve this as a gift?

A cactus garden with different shades of green and textures.

Rockledge Gardens fairy garden in a terra cotta container.Rockledge Gardens fairy garden in a wooden box. I started a Fairy Garden last year but only got as far as adding a red door and chair against the base of an oak tree trunk. So this morning I went to Rockledge Gardens and attended their Fairy Garden seminar. Theresa, the owner, showed us what kinds of plants and accessories to use in our fairy gardens. You can make a fairy garden in a container, glass terrarium, against a tree trunk or a plain old wooden box. According to Theresa, fairies like to party so plants with lots of whimsy and fragrance are a must along with shiny things in the garden. The possibilities and imagination are endless.

This is the beginning of my fairy garden. Lots more to come!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I had softball practice today and boy was it hot and humid. We just had a thunderstorm so every time you ran on the the field you would kick up that funky looking sand and it would land on the back of your legs. Our team is called "Bellas"...its a slow pitch ladies softball league. Lots of fun. Never knew Moms could be so competitive...

Strolling thru the Garden

Every morning I stroll through the garden to see whats new. It's never the same, I always see something different. At this time my blue clitoria ternatata is in full bloom. Don't you love the vivid blue color? Naaaa Naaaa Naaa Na hey heyyyyyy. I am going to have banana's this season. I don't know what kind they are as I got this plant in a trade. But we are so looking forward to eating them.

I love the colors on this dracena, its one of my favorites.

This a bromeliad leaf, again the colors and spots are amazing. I think the brom leaf colors are better than the flowers. What do you think?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bromeliad with a red bloom.
Purple and green on a bromeliad. It's growing under my oak trees.

A kaempheria leaf. Isn't Mother Nature great?

Pink Snowflakes

This was another treasure at my local thrift store. Someone took the time to make these super soft pompoms into a baby blanket. They remind me of pink snowflakes.

Dead or Demure?

Why did the minks cross the road? To end up in the thrift store. These two road kill ended up at the thrift store that I volunteer at. They are sewn together and set up to wrap around your shoulders. It came in a Mademoiselle box with a New York address. Some people and their fashions!