Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Honey Bees in our backyard

Honey Bees....
Made a home in an old vintage trunk
in our back yard.
Over 10,00 honey bees....

When Ken the beekeeper opened the
lid of the trunk the whole comb
He did manage
to save some combs to take home.

Ken is looking for the baby bees that will
be transported into this temporary
frame kit.

Look at those honeycombs filled
with nectar and honey!!

Ken was kind enough to leave
us with some honeycombs for
us to extract the nectar and honey.

He then used some sort of
vaccum to suck up all those
bees to take home.
He did say that the bees are not harmed
while doing this.

the honey is so fresh and tasty, especially
when it's from your own back yard.
It was a great educational experience...
my son and I were full of questions and Ken
was so patient with us and the bees.
I am seriously considering starting
a beekeeping hobby...
AFTER Fancy Flea of course.

Gateleg table

I normally like to paint my furniture
but my hubby insisted I keep the
original look.

The top was sanded to remove the old varnish.

I used several coats of Howard's Restor-A-Finish on the top
along with AS dark wax.

The leg area was so dull that I used Howard's Feed-N- Wax.
I love, love this stuff, it contains beeswax and Orange oil....seriously...
the furniture looks great when you use Feed-N-Wax!!
Less than 2 weeks for Fancy Flea in Lakeland...
I hope some of you can make it.
I am on the corner of Lemon and Kentucky!!
Have a great week,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fancy Flea in Lakeland, FL

It's Fancy Flea time...

See ya there...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shabby White Furniture

Hello Friends....
Just a couple of pieces I
worked on.
Shabby Chic hutch with dresser
a Lingerie dresser...
Have a great weekend...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hoosier cabinet

Happy October!!!
I was lucky enough to find
a 1920/30's Hoosier cabinet.
But as you can see it needs a lot
of TLC....removing the wallpaper...

removing the material lined shelves
along with the staples...ugh!!
Don't you love all that storage??

The bottom right corner is made out of tin...
pretty nifty!!

Cooling racks for those yummy

The wallpaper was removed but now
I have the wallpaper glue to deal
with....yep!!'s going to be
a big project.
Have a great weekend,