Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Table, crystals and knobs

It was hot and very humid at the
flea market today,
you can tell there is rain in
the distance!

Today's treasures are small,
shinny and perfect!

 I was so excited to find
the glass doorknobs,
All were bought by yours truly! LOL

The crystal prisms (is that whay they are called?)
were a treasure for sure since my stash
was low.
And who can't resist
French literature and children stories nowadays?

The white iron door stopper
was an earlier find.
Very Shabby Chic...

I was told that these
Bowen Hunter vintage wooden spools are from
the 50's.
I especially like
the colors on the bottom.

Going into the shop for sure!!

Happy dance, happy dance...
It's getting hard to find cute cheap tables
like this one around here...
it will be painted and placed
in my space
The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Ave
Cocoa, FL

Have a super day,

Monday, August 29, 2011


Hubby came home with
this ugly desk he found
 last week
and asked if I could
do anything with it.

Heck ya...

Sanded, painted and waxed it...

added new knobs and it's
ready to go in my space at
The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Ave.
Cocoa, FL

He got a big HUG!

So I got a little ahead of myself
but since I love Halloween...
why not start celebrating now.

A dear lady I knew from my
volunteer days at the thrift shop
passed away on Friday...
Her smile and happy
greetings will be missed.
Rest in peace Jules..


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Community of Fairies

A stroll through the garden early this
morning,  I spied a small community
along my walk path...

I could have sworn there was only the
little fairy house on the right but now
it seems more have moved in.

What a lovely little house
and so cute among the sunrose.

I even noticed the shabby mansion with
super cute detail...hmmm..
wonder who lives there?

I can't wait to see what happens next...

Have a great day,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working an estate sale

Hello there...
I've been absent for awhile...
but there is a good reason...

Last Monday an acquaintance/antique dealer
called me up out of the blue
and asked me if I could work 6 days, with pay...
at the estate sale she was hosting!!

An offer like that for this stay at home Mom
is a dream come true!

We moved furniture, garden items and
every little item this person owed back
and forth! It took us
4 days to price EVERY single
item in the house, garden and porch... thank
goodness I was not working in the garage! LOL

The estate sale contained items priced
a bit higher than what I'm used to but
I did manage to find some treasures.

How often do you come across
a copper tub nowadays?
At least that's what my friend Jen
kept telling me...yes, I was
hesitant due to the price but
she was right!
I absolutely love it too...thanks Jen!!

The watering can is a keeper since
it belonged to Brenda the homeowner.
What a sweet lady she is, and I've decided to adopt her motto..
"Just let it go"

Check out the the curly ends!!
OK...I have not researched what the green
thing was lots
of vintage kitchen items and this
one caught my eye.
Can opener?

The lace is so beautiful and it will be going
into my space at the Antiques Emporium along with
the printers tray.

Poor hubby will be
changing the chandelier again,
this treasure deserves
to be the center of

Brenda mentioned that all the hats
belonged to her hubby's Gr-Gr-Grandfather.
All are in great condition since
they've been stored away in
original boxes.

Don Drapper was here...
he left his Stetson!

Do you watch Mad Men?
If not...check it's about
Advertising life back in the 50's,
I love to see the ladies dressed in
their prettiest dresses doing housework.
The men wearing suits and hats..
John Hamm...sigh...

A large cast iron kettle...
need I say more?

LOL, feeling a bit shy here... but my biggest buy...
an 1886 beaver G.H. Mars top hat!!

The estate sale was a huge success
and guess what?
I've been asked if I can help with the upcoming
estate sales too...WITH PAY!

Life is funny sometimes...the door to my volunteering days at the
thrift store have closed but two more doors have opened up
and I am enjoying every single moment!
I am making my life easier and it feels damn good!

Life is good!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small trinkets

I love handcrafted wooden bowls.
The richness and detail of the wood cry out to me!
So when I spotted these two
beauties I had to have them.
The one above is larger,
could they be soap dishes?

I placed my found seahorses, starfish

and pretty colorful sea shells in them.

They look like candy!!

My other finds included this green depression
glass platter, skeleton keys, vintage seashell
tissue box, Texas peanuts sack and

a newspaper clip. Someone
wanted to write to cutie Jan Michael Vincent
way back when...oh I so remember
those days too!!

A beautiful crystal swan
among other found seashells.

My treasures were small this week, a
good thing too since I was racing against
the rain.

Friends, check out this awesome giveaway from Dreamy Whites...
a $200.00 online shop gift card!!!
Her online shop is full of eye drooling candy,
I love the antique french bottle carrier, the
eauropean grain sacks, the pillows...
oh I love it all!
Do we have our fingers and toes crossed?
I know I do.

Life is Good,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mornin Glory Mosaic

While hubby worked on the pool,
I worked on this...
an estate sale find from a couple of weeks ago.

Since my last mosaic table sold within
days, I've decided to do another!!

I've only worked with stain glass pieces twice
and have officially decided that
I like working with plate pieces better.

There are too many nooks and crannies with
stain glass pieces, it's very time
consuming to get the grout out.
I used Valspar grey flat paint from Lowes,
it's a mistint marked down to $2.80.
I love looking at their mistints!!

A friend from long ago gave me these
lovely pieces that she found by the
curb. Yes, the curb!!!
A Morning Glory table.

I will be taking the table to the shop today,
you can see it at:

The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Avenue
Cocoa, FL
Mon-Sat. 10am - 5pm

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Life is Good,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pothead and post office box

Hello Friends,
are you tired of seeing my
flea finds every week?

I sure hope not because
some SWEET treasures
came home with me today!!
Does this little pothead make you smile?

When I was at the big flea
market this morning, I
saw similar corner iron brackets like
the ones above, but the vendor
wanted $30.00!!
So I walked away...

Lo and behold...I found smaller similar
brackets at the smaller flea market
for $1.00 each!!!

I fell in love with the rusty chippy birdhouse
painted in turquoise and
of course couldn't pass up
the cute  jewelry trinkets.

 The capodimonte is pretty BUT...I might
try and cut the roses off for my mosaic. (gasp!!)
The linens have a tag...made in Ireland.

Double Gasp!! This Italian platter will also be used for my does have a chip on the side
if it makes you feel better.. :)

The sewing box is filled with buttons, needles, thread,
thimbles...I like that it's adorable and does
not take much room.

Yaaaahoooo!!!...a black post office cubby box,
The names were removed to protect
the innocent. LOL

You are wondering why I did not clean it?
Well, it sits in the back of my car heading to
my little shop, there I will clean and price it.
It's way too heavy to carry back and forth!!!

Come check it out..
Antique Emporium
625 Florida Avenue
Cocoa, FL
Mon-Sat...10 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

Oh...sorry for the change in fonts, I was having a hard time reading
my I changed it to this one.
I don't like's too neat, it's NOT me.
Still looking for something better.

AND....check out Robyn Story Designs blog for
a HUGE  Everything Annie Sloan giveaway....
one lucky duck will win...cross your fingers
and hope it's ME!!!

Stay cool...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunrise, Sunflowers and Watermelons

Happy Monday!!!

I woke up early to
beat the heat and work
in the yard...

The poor butterfly taking a loooong rest...

From this beauty...

to tons of gorgeous, fat
you can see I've already started
harvesting seeds

for next year!!!

I love the heart shaped one.

One of my great joys this morning was my
watermelon...the patch gas gone wild!!!

Even up the rose bush...I am going to have to support
this baby before it drops like my pumpkin.

My dear hubby took a picture
of the sunrise from the backyard this morning...

God's beauty for sure.

I hear thunder...gotta go do my rain dance!!!