Saturday, July 30, 2011

Size does matter...mirror

A quick trip to the thrift store this morning
resulted in this fantastic find!!
A 53" long wooden mirror

with gorgeous colored detail.

 The top piece broke as the ornate piece was
placed facing down in my car, I wish
I would have paid attention!!

 The corners, flowers and leaves are painted with
a beautiful color.

Love it!!!

 This heavy mirror was hung by a thick cord with two
"J" shaped pieces of hardware. The
cords hang above the mirror
when placed against a wall.

This is the front of the second "J" shaped hardware. It was
wrapped with silk thread but it's long gone
on this one.

Absolutely beautiful mirror,
a keeper for sure!!!

Happy Days to you all,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Groupon Rocks!

Some of you know that I like to coupon,
all about saving $$.
My younger son and I went shopping at
Old Navy for school clothes today (school starts Aug. 10th!!!).

Well, A couple of months ago,
Groupon had a great deal..
buy $20.00 OLD Navy coupon for $10.00.
I bought one and my in-laws bought one for us.

1 backpack,
4 shirts
2 shorts
All for $8.84.

We use Groupon for movie tickets, books, clothes,
do you Groupon?

Life is Good,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Blogger Fonts

(cottage at Rennigers Flea market)

 I am excited to tell you that Blogger Buzz is where you will
find new fonts for your blog.
I have been looking to update my blog and
came across these fun fonts.

Next is to change my header picture!!


Random Texture Pictures

Since I had no luck at the flea
market this week
I took random shots of my

I have no collectibles or antique pictures to
show you but I do want to share
my Dreamy texture picture from

The mighty oak tree by the
front of the house with again
the Dreamy texture.

My friends laughed when
I bought these two HUGE
wicker balls...I loved
that they were original,
they hang outside under
another oak tree.
Kim Klassen's pourvous
texture was used.

My red ladder holds
many plants along with
a wicker basket filled
with plants.

The plants inside the
basket are Eunice plants,
a sweet lady that
shared her green thumb
with me.

Life is good...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seashell bucket

My coal bucket

is now my seashell bucket.

Blue daze and sun rose
plants are loving
the weather.

A Gulf Fritillary butterfly
 kept flying around me,
wanting to have it's
picture taken.
A quick snap as she stops
at the Zinnia flower.

She is too fast for me
but I am glad she
loves my garden too.

Have a great week my friends,

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The bright pink neon sign said...
Yard Sale...This Way!

Okay, so I take a small detour,
I'll just do a slow drive by.

I see antlers in a box!!!!

Do you know that I can park a car,
 get my purse,
 get out and
 lock it(over my shoulder) in less than 30 seconds!!
Yep, I'm focused, zoned in,
I've been seeing antlers in magazines and
in blogs lately...
bought 3 of them.

Still in yard sale mode...

I walked around and
zoned in on these beauties.

Need I say more?

Let me know if you were in
Yard Sale mode this


Friday, July 22, 2011

Craigslist finds

Look what I found on craigslist...

For only $10.00... 

 Sure it has a corner chip but still
a great deal .

 It's going in the new
garden bed that I started
months ago...

Patty's tastes have changed,
she no longer wanted
these $10 treasures in her garden.

I think this one will be filled with mini

And while I am out in the garden...
 I will be wearing my NEW
garden boots! They were marked
down to 65%, they are so comfy
that I ordered 3 more for my
female relatives.

My $1.00 flea finds this week were these Ball jars,
such vivid aqua color
with zinc lids.

 They are keepers and sitting
pretty in my garden window.

My only win at the auction
is this $10.00 tapestry pillow. I intend to tear
it apart and make
a bag out of it.
The material is bright, strong and very
sturdy to hold some of my
flea finds.

I hope you all found some great finds
this week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretties and Project done!

A quick stop at the
thrift store...looking for
scraps of material to
re-do a chair cushion.

 I found these 4 sweet Arzberg
tea cups. They are German made...
very sweet!

My eye was drawn to this wooden frame
with it's pretty embellishment...I
didn't notice the watercolor until
in line to pay. lol

 A mouth watering book is what
this is!
Currier and Ives has such pretty

 La Gitana...The Gypsy...

 Watching a ball
of our favorite activities
in the summer.

Beautiful ladies...

Oh yea, the scraps of material...

I didn't find any but
did find this colorful
canvas curtain.
Silly me thought that this would be
a piece of cake project. HA!
(Sam, our dog)

I never thought re-doing rounded
edges could be so hard.
After trying over and over again,
I actually went to an Upholstery
store so that they could show
me how to finish round edges.

Sorry that I have no pictures
but it was me against the cushion,
mano a mano!

Several million staples

A challenge for sure but
the chair is very comfy and

Life IS Good.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pumpkins in July

I have a habit of throwing
out rotten fruit and veggies
into the garden.
Compost right?

Last December I threw
our Halloween pumpkins
into the garden.

And a couple of months ago
these crazy vines started
 As I was walking through
the garden this morning...

I saw this pumpkin on
my croton plant!

I looked for more but the vines are all
over that it's hard to tell.

I think this might be one  of those warty pumpkins...
we will just have to wait and see.

Have a great weekend my friends...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lamps and Doll broom

Every time I bring a lamp or two
home my poor dear hubby
groans. Another project for him...

BUT not this time!!!

I took the lamps apart, took
the old hardware pieces with me to Lowe's,
compared and bought what was needed.

Then I re-wired one (with my hubby as a supervisor) and
had my oldest son do the other (he has to learn too!).

With  practice, I won't need hubby as a supervisor anymore.
Yay for him!!!

 I haven't found that "right"
lampshade yet...maybe
I need smaller bulbs?

 As you can see I used
a lot of crystals
 for these my
stash is running looowwwww.

I giggled when I saw this cute
doll broom. Her body language
reminded me of...ME...

this blogger has been a bit snippy
around here and I totally blame
it on the heat!!

Ohhhh I almost forgot to mention...the black book is a 1925 pathology book...
so perfect for Halloween don't you think?

Linking up to  Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Boggeritaville.

I also want to mention that Laura at 52 FLEA is having a 700th post give back!!  The winner will recieve beautiful fabrics and accessories from Cabbage and Roses along with Christina Strutt's Homemade Vintage Book!!!! 
Winning this would definetly put me in a good mood!!! haha

Happy Thursday...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monogrammed, singer and longhorns.

Two sewing machines in one

This singer has a tag dated
1964...serial # AE875562,

 I placed all the accessories
in a ziploc bag.
 A giddy feeling came over me when
I spied these linen napkins...they all
are monogrammed with the
letter "S"...yay for me!
Yes...they need a touch of  BIZ!!

 The cast iron vintage light fixtures
are so shabby chic...
Hmmmm...I might have to see if they fit
in my decor first.

Have you noticed the
crates are coming out of hiding?
Or is it that I never noticed them
Couldn't pass up them longhorns!!

All(except the linens) will be in my little shop
at the Antiques Emporium.

Happy Thrifting...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curbside finds

I do brake for junk!
As I was driving by my neighbor Diana's
house, I had to reverse my truck because
she had two beautiful,
mirrors by the curb!

 This is one of them...
thankfully the frame was
still intact.

But it does have several
designs in the frame missing.
The other mirror's frame came apart
from being stored outside in a wooden shed.

She was surprised that I still wanted them...haha..
of course I had to tell her that I love
anything old and chippy.

That's when she offered me her
Domestic sewing machine. 

 It too was in the shed
but in fairly good
 She wouldn't take any
$$, said she was
 about to put the machine
by the curb too. (yikes!)

 Everything is there,
I can't wait to clean her up!!!

A fun class has been added
to my project plate..learning
how to texture my pictures.

I signed up for Kim Klassen's
and today's theme
was PINK.

Even though I am still
a newbie,
it was lots of fun creating the textured
I am also taking her FREE skinny-mini course...YES....FREE...check it out.

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Have a great day,