Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe

to the sexiest man alive...'s not
Johnny Depp(not this time).

It's my dear hubby John,
a man I married 23 years ago,
a man that supports my every adventure,
who makes me realize... not to
sweat the small things.
Who makes me laugh at myself
when I do or say dumb things.

A man that loves his boys dearly,
especially during 4th of July!

haha...they were looking at a firework that
was NOT supposed to go over in the woods.

A man that kicks his heels up
and has plain fun with
his family.

Happy Birthday Babe.

Angel Food cake...his favorite!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lustre lamps and typewriters

Oh Gosh....
did I tell you how much eye
candy is at the estate
sale that I'm working at?

A pair of Lustre lamps
caught my eye...

and I think they noticed it too...

 they kept a very
soft magical voice...

I kept shushing them...
but they just didn't listen.

so now they sit happily
in my house.

 Sandi the previous owner said...
 that she remembers the lamps sitting
in her grandmothers house.

Remington Rand typewriter
for my space at the

And a very heavy Underwood
typewriter...also for
my space.

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Have a great day,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Estate sale in Merritt Island FL

Hi are some
pictures of the estate sale I've
been working on this week.

The preview is on Thursday
and the sale
is on Friday and Sat.
I will post the address tomorrow
but will give you a hint..
it's in Merritt Island.

Hoping to see ya there...


P.S....if you are thinking of moving or know of someone that is relocating or downsizing
please keep us in mind. You can make some serious $$ by having an estate
Ok I'm

Have a great day...
tomorrow is flea market day...yeaaaaaa

Shabby White chair

Wow, this is the last week in
The month has flown by for me...
and it still has not slowed down.

Hubby's birthday is on Thursday...
we won't be celebrating until
the weekend since
Thursday is football night for us.
And what a game it's going to be too...
we...ok...they play Viera.
Wish us luck!!

I had so much fun participating
in the practical magic blog party, met
some really nice funny ladies.

Thank you for all the nice comments and emails,
it's good to know that someone actually
does read my blog...haha

I haven't had time to thrift or
go to the flea market in the
last couple of
is getting in the way...haha I was driving by a
thrift store I saw this
really pretty shabby chair
outside their store.
A quick u-turn and this chair was
paid for and in the back of my truck.
It's going into my space
at the emporium!!

The latest estate sale I am working on with my
friend is pure eye candy...
lots of Persian rugs, antique furniture,
mouth watering dishes and lamps...
I will post pictures later today.

Gotta run...
have a super duper day,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Practical Magic party

 Welcome to my first

 Practical Magic Blog Party...

Stroll around...

take a pinch of basil

smell the jasmine..

say hello to the family.

Can you smell the lemon grass?
get a closer whiff if you have to...

ohhh see the magic starting
to brew?
Nothing to fear...

Now don't get too close
to the passion flower,
who knows what will happen
if you inhale...

swipe some sunflower seeds
if you must..

Care to try mixing some potions?
it's super easy...

The magic is all there,
catch it if you can...

mmmmm can you smell the yellow rose?

oh goodness the magic is everywhere...

I see you've mixed up some
forget the buddlea..

the brooms are anxious
to begin...

but first enjoy, take in the

a little lemon grass fused with lavender
...with a teeny tiny touch
of sunflower..dabbed
behind the ears...
your sure to attract...

my broom IS ready...
I am off to visit
my witchy friends.

I hope you all had a great time
and please come visit again.

Thank you to our lovely
hostess Anna
this has been lots of fun for me.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Worst Nightmare

What an interesting night tonite was!
The game was supposed to start at 6pm
It was delayed about an hour due to lightning!
An hour later while
watching the game, the lightning siren
goes off again...we leave the
field and wait in the car until...
mmmm...half an hour later.

Then a parents worst nightmare happened,
a Cocoa player was injured.

An hour and a half later...
The Raiders beat the Cocoa Tigers

Our prayers go to the family and friends
of Cocoa Tigers #20...

After 3 delays...we finally got
home around 9:30!

Practical Magic photos will
be posted tomorrow...
come by and check it out.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red chairs

I've been working at another
estate/liquidation sale in Suntree.

It's a real estate office
so there will be lots of
nice desks, office chairs,
computer equiptment,
office supplies
and some holiday decorations.
Sorry about the poor quality of this photo,
but these are two red chairs for sale,
I just love how bright they are.

And this pottery barn style
again, very colorful.

Come check out
all the things for sale,
lots and lots of legal printer paper,
artificial plants...lots to see!

The addy is
400 St. Andrews Blvd,
Suntree, FL
Preview Thurs...3-5:15pm
Friday, 8-5
Sat, 8-2

Have a great week,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spells and Potions

Just a little sneak peek
to show my potions
and magic spells
I don't want to show too
much because you will be seeing more
at the

Practical Magic party...
Practical Magic Blog Party's only 4 days away...
gotta fly!!!!

Life is good...

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's late but I wanted
to show you some
consignment items
The Antique Emporium

This is the main room...

full of nice pieces of furniture.

lots to see...

Wouldn't you just love this
in your house?
Love those feet!

A corner piece...

White iron pieces
marked only $100.00
for all 3!!!

I keep forgetting to take a picture of the
outside building...

Come check us out...

The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Ave.
Cocoa, FL 

I am trying to set up
a facebook page
for the emporium...
will let you know
when it's up and running.

I worked on some Halloween
stuff yesterday, will post
more tomorrow...

Ohhhh....I forgot to mention
that once again I am participating
in Vanessa's... A fanciful Twist
third year in a row..can
you tell how much
I love this party?...won't you join too?
A Fanciful Twist Halloween Flyer 2011

Gotta fly...see ya there.