Thursday, April 28, 2011

McCoys in the Terrarium

I've been playing in the porch today since it's too hot outside....

I gathered my McCoy pieces and placed them
in the terrarium.

since they all  have an
outdoor theme.

I've also had this piece of coral out
in the garden but decided to
place it in a special place.

Let's see what else I can do out there...hehe

Have a great week,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grand Duke

Drum roll if you please....ddrrrrrr

Jasminum sambac Grand Duke Of Tuscany.

If you are ever looking for a fragrant plant for your garden,
this is THE ONE.

He has been showing off
for the last month and
is producing the most
INTOXICATING fragrance around!!!!
I have some flowers in the kitchen and
it smells heavenly in here.

Have a great day,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weaved Nests

My dog got into the coconut liner of one of my garden pots
and had a hey day with it, thank goodness
the pot was empty.

I re-shaped the coconut fiber into nests and took some
pretty soft and colorful yarns and ribbons...

and weaved it into the nest. I love how the colors go so well

As you can see I had to tie a large paperclip
to the end so that I could easily weave back and forth.

I need to find more colorful yarn/ribbon as I used all of it!!

and TA-DA...this is the end result.

I also made smaller ones and placed my
cascarones inside.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the one I gave
my friend Amy, I weaved pearls along with the
yarn and ribbon.

Happy Easter...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty flowers




Salvias and bromeliad


Weed  Florida Native plant
(I'm having a hard time pulling these!)

Bleeding heart vine.

Happy Earth Day,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Cottage

Have you bought this magazine yet?
I bought it this morning....I kept ooohhhing
and ahhhing as I leafed through the pages. 

The eye candy inside gave me a feeling
of walking around barefoot, with
a glass of lemonade in my hand, enjoying
my summer.

This magazine is a MUST for
the relaxing months ahead...ohhh
and I can't forget the
yummy recipes at the back.
The Lemon scented pasta and Lime
sauteed summer vegetables...
my mouth is watering!!!

The garden is doing great,
this native lantana and I were at war
for so many years, I finally
decided to leave it alone.
Show off!!!

I love the brightness of the pumpkin
flowers and apparently so do the

Pumpkin seedlings from our
Halloween pumpkins.

My fragrant rose bush has not stopped

The bell pepper plants are growing and that
is a sunflower plant growing at the front...
she's happy there.

My sunflower babies are growing fast...

And of course I have to take a picture
of my first snake sighting.
Thank goodness the dogs found it first.

Have a great week,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Paths

Last year I worked on my secret garden,
this year it's time for garden paths in
the back yard.
As you can see, it's UGLY

Ugly, can't even
see the secret garden!

Soooo...this is what I have been
working on the last couple of weeks.

I used my favorite Troy-Bilt tiller,
left over weed block and
last years craigslist FREE

I not only created this path but....

also another that leads to the side
porch door.

I did run out off weed block
and mulch so off to the store
I go.

I am trying to create a thrifty path and so far the cost has been
$10.00 for 5 bags of mulch.
I'd like to take a drive to the
dump and look at their free mulch...
stay tuned....

More pictures to come once I've finished.
Any suggestions gladly appreciated!!!!

I am linking to Linda's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday over
at Coastal Charm...come join me.

Have a great week!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Check out my BIG SCORE this week from the thrift store...
A leather couch...$125.00
It's got that soft worn leather feel to it,
we absolutely love it!!!

If you give a mouse a cookie couch..chances are she'll
want to paint the walls...hehehe

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plant Stand

 My friends and I were talking about decorating today and how we always like to change things
around for a new look. With Spring here and summer around the corner we like to brighten and cheer
the homestead, give it that fresh new feel. And with that being said...I always turn to Pottery Barn
for inspiration.
While drooling over their website I came across this
super cute 3 tiered plant stand. $499.00...WOW... I was looking at it...I remembered
that I had something similar...

This has been sitting outside with potted
plants, so I performed a ceremony and married

these two pieces together.
Sylvia Style...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Cupola

How far would you travel for a garage sale???
My family and I ventured 1 hour and 15minutes,
to Orlando for a garage sale.
I normally do that for a flea market but
never a garage sale.

Susie from My Home To Yours,
sent out an email on Friday filled with
lots of eye candy....

I fell in love with this...
A cupola....

It's large, heavy and BEAUTIFUL....

I'd like to mosaic the table with river rock,
what do you think?

Susie and I have lots in common, we both love
gardening along with the yard art that comes with it.

She has some very cute items for sale, I do
hope she has another because I have my eye on
a couple more things...

Thank you Susie, it was a pleasure to meet ya.