Monday, January 30, 2012

Majolica and Garden box window

I'm not talking about football...
I so scored at the thrift store this morning!!

Etruscan majolica for $2.00!!!
I did not let this baby go until it was paid for...
it now sits with the rest of my collection.

Another project I worked on this Sunday...
Was marrying an old vintage window
with an old tool box I had bought
from Susie awhile back.

Turned out pretty darn cute!

Four screws were added to the back
of the box and front of the window for support.

hehe...a bit crooked in the picture but still cute.

To keep or not to keep?

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Have a great day,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Estate Sale finds

Working at the Melbourne Estate Sale
on Saturday was fun but crazy busy!

My finds...

Yes yes, I do have another couple
similar as this that just got engaged...
but I couldn't leave them behind!

Can you pass up silver with crystals???

I love hand painted flower pictures...

Roses that will be in bloom all year long!

I love estate sales...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White mirror

I was not able to go the the flea market today
so I thought I'd show you what I
have been working on.

Remember this?

It now has two coats of ASCP...
and I still need to touch up here and there
then maybe some dark AS wax.

My furniture projects are getting smaller....and
I need to run to Mt. Dora and buy more paint.

Road trip...


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Glass bowls and jars

Raise your hand if you have too many
glass bowls, jars or fun containers!
I'm with hand is up.
Can you pass up a super duper large
fish bowl for a couple of dollars??
Not me... I did pass on this jar
the first time AND offered to sell
it to my friends.

After I filled it with corks
I immediately changed my mind and kept it.
Can you blame me? (wink)

I call this my Denise jar
since she was the one who 
found it for me.

A hoya terrarium that
sits in my garden window...
there's a jungle in there!

The pear was filled with ugly
dried flowers at one time...
now it contains a hoya.

Beautiful decanter with
mini orchids and moss.

Love this yellow canister with
colored hand blown glass balls...

and if you've seen my Halloween posts you
KNOW I have more!

An obsession or collection?
I call it an obllection..haha

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project day

Some projects that I worked on early this
morning...all for sale at the Emporium. hubby walks in and looks at my
contraption and says..."I have clamps you know"...haha

A beautiful gold frame that
is not take some
ASCP and go to town!!

My hubby's family is over, helping
to put a  plug in for the welder into
the pool pump switch...and in order
to do this the power had to be switched off...the
circuit breaker panel is behind my hutch.

So after all is done my hubby turns
on the power, moves the hutch back in place.
And while hanging my Diego Rivera print above the
hutch he drops it!!!!
I know he worked hard BUT my dear hubby
is like a bull in a china shop.

The glass and frame broke and thank goodness
the print did not get a scratch on it!
Now I need a new frame...

It's been a long day...
I am off to go enjoy the sun with Tazzy.

Have a good weekend,

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hearts and Romance

I've been on the lookout for some
valentine items....

The rusty metal heart and wire gold heart were
were garage sale finds along
with the men's vintage collar and
beautiful Neiman's Ad fan.

Romance or what???
I was so giddy when I came across
all these Harelquin Romance books...

they bring back memories of when I used to read them
a looong time ago!
Perfect for Valentines Day.

Beachy themed items...
the red and blue vintage pot holders are super cute!!!
Or the abalone cup holder..

Great finds these week!

Have a super weekend,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Antique Emporium on Facebook

The Antique Emporium is now on
I will be doing daily picture posts of what we have
for sale, what new items came in and you
will be meeting some of the vendors.
Come "LIKE" us on facebook...
If you click on the Emporium picture on the right it will
automatically take you to our facebook page.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rusty Gate and My Trinkets get-together

It's so much fun to shop with another
antique/collector dealer.
I learned so much
from Denise today...The Rusty Gate
We liked the same things...
compared stories of great finds and sales...
both my arms were full along
with Denise's buggy!

Giant apothecary bowl
will be full of sea shells...
Check out the Louis Icart print...
I sure hope I have a frame for it.

Princess house decanter, heavy
pink candle holder and a 
cute shell picture were some
fun finds!!

I love the color combination...
the signed BLUE Joy of Cooking cookbook
is a those blues!!!

Red Cliff ironstone pitcher and Steiff pewter
cups and bowl were a

Now you know I can't pass up
these sweeties...yup it's
a keeper.

Super cool yellow vintage cart with
wrought iron's full
of scratches and stains...
I am going to try and sell it AS IS
and see what happens...

Thanks Denise for a great day,
I hope you can come visit again, soon.


P.S....If you are interested in these
great finds come down to
The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Ave.
Cocoa, FL

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Please forgive me....
I go through this every 6 months or so...
You will be seeing new headers and backgrounds
until I find one I really like...
I'm weird like that...haha


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flea finds with some veggies

Happy Wednesday...
A peak of this weeks
thrift and flea finds!

lots of goodies that will
end up at the emporium.

I was so excited to find the ironstone platter (a keeper)
and Princess House flower plates!

If you are ever at the little
flea market on US1...
please stop by and check out
the fruit and veggie stand!

Oh my gosh...he has the BEST and cheapest
produce around!
$2.00 for  6 tomatoes
$2.00 green beans
$ 1.00 for 4 lemons (great for juicing)
$2.00 for 3 lbs grapes
$2.00 Plant City strawberries (they are soooo sweet!)
$2.00 mushrooms
$1.00 for 2 ears of corn!!!!

They are open on Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun.

And I get to practice my Spanish when I shop there!!!

I think this is why I like this flea market so much...

My son has been juicing the lemons for lemonade,
they taste pretty good with peels and all!!!

My lunch...
Green beans and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil
with some garlic and onion...
it was delish...


Monday, January 9, 2012

Bottle tree

Another small project I worked on today
is cleaning wine bottles.

My neighbor gave me this
box of wine bottles.

Look how pretty and colorful they are
once the labels are peeled off!

A Christmas present from my
sweet and dear hubby...
A bottle tree!!!

The bottle tree is finally getting full!
I do need a couple more bottles...

 and I think it will have to be
cemented in the ground as
it tends to lean from
the soft ground.
It will be moved to my new
garden bed once it's done!

Love, love, love it!!!
Thanks Babe...

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Playing with crystals

My small copycat project pile has been growing...
so it's time to work on it and get it out
of the way!!

 Out comes all my crystals, prisms and tools.

I drilled holes on some of the hooks...

 made jump rings on others...

and tada...they look so much better
with pretty bling!

They will be hanging around at the Emporium

On to the next project...

Thanks to Carol from The Polka Dot Closet
for her pretty idea.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Antique Emporium, Cocoa FL

What a great day...
I re-organized, re-decorated
and re-cleaned my
room at
The Antique Emporium.

Not too much of this and that
a little bit of that and this

eclectic comes to mind...

something for everyone...
yep, even snowmen

a shabby rose trunk filled with quilts and doilies...

 pretty vintage Noritake Bluebell dishes
sitting pretty...

a lot of this...a lot of that!

The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Avenue
Cocoa, FL