Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lipstick, platters & scarf..OH MY

Last week was a much needed thrifting day...so Dina and I headed out to Cocoa Beach and found some awesome treasures! I think I have found my all time favorite thrift store in my area.. There was lots of vintage finds to be had..from old frames to vintage cake plates, lamps and transfer ware dishes. Ohhh I so look forward in going there again...today maybe? hehe 
My Show and Tell for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday with Linda at Coastal Charm is two beautiful Platters from Johnson Brothers..made in England. $8.00 smuckoroos for both!! How about those vintage lipsticks...aren't they so pretty to look at? I instantly fell in love with them and have started yet another collection. The vintage calendar linen, tablecloth and California scarf was also one of my favorite finds. Can you guess when I was born and where I am from? I am a sucker for vintage tablecloths..especially when the price is right! $7.00 for the linens & $13.00 for the lipsticks...ohhh so worth it.
Now...I am of to Linda's blog and check out other Nifty Thrifty finds...


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You got some gorgeous finds there! I love the platters and those lipstick cases are so pretty. What a fun 'new' collection. I adore the vintage linens and that California scarf is the best.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great finds!! Those lipsticks are to die for!!

Love, love, love your header!!!

La said...

Love the platters!

I was in your area (Fort Pierce) in March and hope to be there again this fall. Maybe I'll check out the thrift stores while I am there. Although, I will be flying so I don't think I could do much shopping.

I am in love with the white chair with the heart-shaped back that is on your side bar. Stunning!