Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweets, Sunsets and Silver

 My hubby and I celebrated our birthdays this week, I love that we are only a couple of days apart. Both Libras...lots of balancing around

 The sunsets after Tropical Storm Nicole,
we received much needed rain.

I found these really cool black and white etchings today. I especially liked that they are scenes from San Francisco. This one is called Stairway on Telegraph Hill and signed by William Wilke. (William Hancock Wilke).

And this one is called Hyde Street Hill...signed by Sutton Woods.
They sure bring back memories of our life back in California.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..that's why these sterling S&P shakers came home with me.

I am linking up to Lemoncholoy's Flight of Fancy for Flea Market Friday. Come check it out...the girls sure find lots of eye drooling goodies.

Oh Oh Oh...go check out this awesome blog and giveaway from Vania & a group of artists...Artistic Halloween Queen...
What fun....

Happy October....


kecia said...

haha, i'm just a lucky junker i guess! thanks for playing! i love those shakers, i go for those all the time!


Sassy Marsha said...

Well, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sylvia!!! I'm a Scorpio, the 27th, day of the drawing :)

LOVE those drawings of SF. Those are fabulous!!!

I would have brought home those sweet S&P shakers too!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


mercedes said...

Love all your great pics! Happy B-Day to you and hubby! My husband and I have b-days 5 days apart, and I agree, it feels extra special to share the celebration with your Mr.! Happy Friday! :)mercedes

Vintage Home said...

..Thanks for dropping by!...your etchings are wonderful so detailed!.......The parasol mushrooms are incredible...I have never seen anything like them!...soo dainty!

sissie said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!

I love your sketch prints and silver always goes home with me. The salt and pepper shakers are cute.