Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Cottage

Have you bought this magazine yet?
I bought it this morning....I kept ooohhhing
and ahhhing as I leafed through the pages. 

The eye candy inside gave me a feeling
of walking around barefoot, with
a glass of lemonade in my hand, enjoying
my summer.

This magazine is a MUST for
the relaxing months ahead...ohhh
and I can't forget the
yummy recipes at the back.
The Lemon scented pasta and Lime
sauteed summer vegetables...
my mouth is watering!!!

The garden is doing great,
this native lantana and I were at war
for so many years, I finally
decided to leave it alone.
Show off!!!

I love the brightness of the pumpkin
flowers and apparently so do the

Pumpkin seedlings from our
Halloween pumpkins.

My fragrant rose bush has not stopped

The bell pepper plants are growing and that
is a sunflower plant growing at the front...
she's happy there.

My sunflower babies are growing fast...

And of course I have to take a picture
of my first snake sighting.
Thank goodness the dogs found it first.

Have a great week,

1 comment:

Anonymous said... need "Billy The Exterminator" from the Animal Planet Channel to rid your yard of those snakes! Ack!!!!