Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrifty finds...

Found objects alongside
the curb last week
included this 7 ft ladder...

I love to paint wooden ladders
bright red and place them
in the garden as an ornamental...
I'd like to think the
red attracts the hummingbirds
and butterflies.

Can you believe this was also
a curbside find?...someone in my
neighborhood was moving out and were taking
their stuff and placing along the

This hand blown glass vase was a thrift find...
it's going to be a little

This cute little black table
with marble top and iron
wall hanger were thrift finds.
I tell you...if you are ever in my area
you must visit The Sharing Center...
good prices and ALWAYS something

 A quick road trip to the flea market yesterday
was so worth it!!!
I was lucky enough to find 2 galvanized watering cans
and a cute wooden box.

I am off to spray more red paint on the ladder...

Come join me...

Have a great week,


Linda said...

What great finds these are...They say to always look up...well if we all look down once in a while we might pass up some great goodies.
Good Job.

sissie said...

Hi Syliva,
I'm stopping by to catch up on some of your posts that I've missed.
I love that old ladder painted red and I cannot believe how lucky you are to find the mannequin!


KarenSue said...

Great finds Syliva! I love the ladders and curb side! You lucky girl.
What Flea Market do you go to?
We have Community Thrift here in Orlando, I love it.
Hugs to you~Sue

Gretchen said...

Wow! As a jewelry designer, I could only dream to be so lucky to find such a fabulous treasure as you did when this mannequin was left curbside for you to find. Lucky you!
You surely have found some wonderful treasures. How fun!