Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My 12 year old has been working on a project that has taken up most of his and our free time for the last two weeks. He said he chose Stonehenge because it seemed it was the easier project to do. HA!...not only did he have to do a two page TYPED paper, now mind you, my son just started typing at the beginning of the school year so that should tell you how fast his typing is. And I don't know about your kids but I have to keep an eagle eye on my son while on the computer. For some unknown reason he went from MS word to U-tube, says he was doing Stonehenge research on U-tube. hahahaha His Stonehenge model was made of Crayola Air Dry Clay. Wow..does that stuff work great, it hardened overnight, even dropped a couple of the pieces on the floor and they never broke! Perfect for kids projects!!! He then used watered down black paint to paint the stones and used Elmer's glue to attach the stones together and to the cardboard.We sure hope he gets an A++++++++++++

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