Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday and French Pumpkins

I've been wanting to post my Thrifty finds for a couple of weeks now but life seems to get in the way. Anyways...Leigh is hosting Thrifty Thursday. Check it out, she has the cutes table menu that I my boys would love!
A couple of pieces that I found this week, the little greenhouse is HEAVY and has thick glass. I am going to paint it but just not sure what color yet. The little black candelabra along with the other Halloween items are perfect for my upcoming Halloween Part on Sat.

Isn't this ugly and pretty as the same time? I immediately picked it up when I saw it was a pink pumpkin. Pink!!! I did google and found Feasting On...gluten free pixels blog where they mention this yummy pumpkin, it's called Brodé Galeux d’Eysines. Translation...embroidered with warts..hahahah. It sounds so much better in french. Feasting On's blog is full of information regarding this pumpkin so I am off to wonder around and maybe write down some of their recipes, the ketchup recipe sounds and looks good!

I am going to admire it for a week or so then it's cooked!

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