Thursday, June 24, 2010

flowers and lace

As I was cleaning out a closet I came across these pieces of fru fru and being the procrastinator that I am I just had to play...I'll show you my foot but never my ankle, haha... I thought the pretty vintage lace( it's actually a bed skirt) would make excellent pantaloons or a frilly skirt. Don't ya think? Ohhh how I wish I could sew..So after playing make believe I ventured outside into the porch..(shouldn't I have been cleaning the closet???)...and noticed some of my orchids blooming. The first mini orchid I call Missy because that is who gave it to me and the second is Lady of the Night..Brassavola Nodosa...very fragrant!!! Of course if the girl uses the camera chances are she is going to blog about it.
I better's almost time for hubby to get home and I SHOULD get something done around here. Hmmmm, I wonder if Dina is home?
Your friendly procrastinator...


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Ah, come on, I know you must be wearing a really pretty anklet! Love the lavendor fu-fu and absolutely beautiful orchids!

Oh, yes, I'd rather procrastinate and do housework any day!!!


Barbara Jean said...

Oh, I am so in that group: procrastinate, and getting side tracked. I call it 'flitting' and 'puttering'. I have decided to be a professional 'putterer'. =)

Love the pic with your cute foot!
beautiful flowers too
enjoying my stroll through your place.


barbara jean