Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Card Exchange

My favorite holiday is Halloween...I love to decorate the house creepy style...and if I could.... I would also trick or treat with my kids...hahaha
With that being said would anyone be interested in having a Halloween Card exchange with me? No size requirements, can be handmade or store bought. We have until the 20th to complete the card. I would like to ship every ones card out before October that way we can use them in our Halloween decorations.
Sooooo....if you are interested in exchanging a Halloween card with me, let me know. I think it will be lots of fun!!!
P.S....I think for now I would like to only exchange within the USA.


Dina said...

I will I will

JunqueMagnet said...

Sounds like fun and a good diversion now that my baby is in kindergarten (GASP!!).Please count me in.I started Halloween crafting a few weeks ago because I simply could not wait.

Sylvia said...

Hi JunqueMagnet...I have been trying to find your email but can't seem to locate it on your blog. Can you please contact me so that I can get your address for our Halloween Card exchange.