Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini greenhouse

I came across this cute little glass dome (25 cents) that had some
dried flowers in it.
I pulled the flowers out and made it into a
mini greenhouse/terrarium.

I am using some damp moss and a hoya cutting.

I made sure my hoya cut had aerial roots...

so that I can bury the roots in the damp moss.

Wait a couple of months and you should
see new growth. I am placing this baby
in my garden window.

I have a couple other terrariums that have been thriving for years...
the growth inside is a tropical jungle.

My yellow rose bush in bloom...the scent is amazing!!

I am linking up to Leigh's Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday.
Come check out the eye candy.

Life is Good...


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sylvia! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I know what you mean about missing gardening. It's going be warming up here very soon, and time for me to clean up, re plant and spend some serious relaxing time playing outside!
I love the little terrarium you made. It's very sweet.
Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Love your idea...what a great deal you got here!


Marilyn Rock said...

Brilliant idea! And; the growth is something to look forward to. Love that yellow rose, too!