Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working an estate sale

Hello there...
I've been absent for awhile...
but there is a good reason...

Last Monday an acquaintance/antique dealer
called me up out of the blue
and asked me if I could work 6 days, with pay...
at the estate sale she was hosting!!

An offer like that for this stay at home Mom
is a dream come true!

We moved furniture, garden items and
every little item this person owed back
and forth! It took us
4 days to price EVERY single
item in the house, garden and porch... thank
goodness I was not working in the garage! LOL

The estate sale contained items priced
a bit higher than what I'm used to but
I did manage to find some treasures.

How often do you come across
a copper tub nowadays?
At least that's what my friend Jen
kept telling me...yes, I was
hesitant due to the price but
she was right!
I absolutely love it too...thanks Jen!!

The watering can is a keeper since
it belonged to Brenda the homeowner.
What a sweet lady she is, and I've decided to adopt her motto..
"Just let it go"

Check out the the curly ends!!
OK...I have not researched what the green
thing was lots
of vintage kitchen items and this
one caught my eye.
Can opener?

The lace is so beautiful and it will be going
into my space at the Antiques Emporium along with
the printers tray.

Poor hubby will be
changing the chandelier again,
this treasure deserves
to be the center of

Brenda mentioned that all the hats
belonged to her hubby's Gr-Gr-Grandfather.
All are in great condition since
they've been stored away in
original boxes.

Don Drapper was here...
he left his Stetson!

Do you watch Mad Men?
If not...check it's about
Advertising life back in the 50's,
I love to see the ladies dressed in
their prettiest dresses doing housework.
The men wearing suits and hats..
John Hamm...sigh...

A large cast iron kettle...
need I say more?

LOL, feeling a bit shy here... but my biggest buy...
an 1886 beaver G.H. Mars top hat!!

The estate sale was a huge success
and guess what?
I've been asked if I can help with the upcoming
estate sales too...WITH PAY!

Life is funny sometimes...the door to my volunteering days at the
thrift store have closed but two more doors have opened up
and I am enjoying every single moment!
I am making my life easier and it feels damn good!

Life is good!


Natacha said...

I am so happy for you! Doing what you love most and being paid for it (you would even have done it for free, wouldn't you :-)!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG you lived my dream last week, you could hardly call it work as we love all things antique. Love your buy's....You look sooo cute !


Deana said...

That sounds fun but hard work! I dream about having enough money to just offer a set amount for everything inside a house :)

Denise said...

you're a doll...I look forward to meeting you one day.