Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunrise, Sunflowers and Watermelons

Happy Monday!!!

I woke up early to
beat the heat and work
in the yard...

The poor butterfly taking a loooong rest...

From this beauty...

to tons of gorgeous, fat
you can see I've already started
harvesting seeds

for next year!!!

I love the heart shaped one.

One of my great joys this morning was my
watermelon...the patch gas gone wild!!!

Even up the rose bush...I am going to have to support
this baby before it drops like my pumpkin.

My dear hubby took a picture
of the sunrise from the backyard this morning...

God's beauty for sure.

I hear thunder...gotta go do my rain dance!!!



Denise said...

Sylvia, your blog is always enjoyable to read. Your watermelon pic is awesome...I've never seen one suspended like that before. Your husband's photo is stunning. Keep dancing the rain dance and then send the rains west to us!

SueBee said...

You inspire me! I will take pictures tomorrow of my sunflowers. I'm trying to catch up with all my blogs, I feel so far behind!

Robyn Story said...

Sylvia, Thanks for posting our newest giveaway, EVerything Annie Sloan, button on your sidebar!! i hope everyone comes over and checks it out. Great Great Giveaway. Who wouldn't want to win 28 pots of paint!! Make sure you take our old button off!!