Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Stroll....

First thing this morning I took a stroll through the garden to see what last nights storm had done to my garden. It wasn't bad except for some pots knocked over but everything looked clean and fresh. The swallow tail butterfly hangs around the Dutchman's pipe vine, she is the only one I have seen around so far.
This is a crinium lily bursting at the seams ready to show her scented flower. I have been thinking of pulling this one since its gotten so big....

It's that time of year when my bromeliad beds go in bloom, its a spectacular show! They were here when we moved into the house 6 years ago. I am so glad I didn't pull them!

Another bromeliad bed under the oak tree, they seem to love being under the oaks. Could it be that they love all the leave debris that they get in the fall from the oaks?

hahaha...another view of the bromeliad these!

This is one of my oak trees in the back yard, the philodendron sure loves growing up there. I have several oaks growing around my yard. Their leaves make the best compost!I think this bush is called a firecracker bush...not sure though. It's always in bloom and the bees and butterfly's love it.

A swallowtail butterfly in flight.

Butterfly ginger growing by the front door. It has a nice fragrance.

This is hoya that is growing inside my pool lanai.

Pink Princess around my pool area. She's gotten so big!

A bug on my screen porch.

Happy Sunday....


Jocefaa said...

if tht is u'r garden I must say it..WONDERFUL! u must feel like Alice in wonderland? lol
lovely blog
kisses from Argentiinaa!!

Sylvia said...

Hello Jocefaa from Argentina...thank you for stopping by my garden blog. Yes, this is my garden. I live in Florida so everything grows well here. I am off to check your blog.
Have a great day...

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh! That Live oak...sooo gorgeous! And your bromeliads are stunning!

Funny thing about the heliconias...this year was a VERY good year for them. I think I only saw one last year! So try them again!