Tuesday, September 1, 2009


EnatylerEven though the calendar says September, it just doesn't feel like it around here. I sooooo badly want to decorate with Fall colors and Halloween decorations but I have to wait until it's really Fall, otherwise it would feel like I was decorating for Fall in Summer! Our weather is still gorgeous outside...no bragging intended..so today I went to my nearest Publix and bought Matthew Mead's Halloween magazine. I have been wanting this magazine for like a month and I am sooooo glad I bought it today because it was the last one! Its full of great ideas for school Fall parties, cooking ideas and decorating your home.

I really like the section where all the decorations are in black and white. The "shock effect" makes me want to hunt for my old glass jars and fill it with gory, icky stuff. Or what about the scary looking heads in the jars....creepy...my kids will love it!!!

This would be fun to do with the kids too...I see lots of creepy faces in my future...

Yep, I feel better now that I have read and re-read this magazine.


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Tootsie said...

it has been really hot here too....but my plants were getting on in weeks...and looked really bad...one day lush..the next crispy!
so I just bit the bullet! happy sept! I guess.