Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My trinket finds

Today I volunteered at my favorite thrift shop and I found some really cool trinkets for my collections. Below is a mini ashtray, it opens up and there is a place for your ashes and cigs. I don't normally buy ashtrays since I don't smoke but I found this to be very interesting.

Another find was these rolls of wire, not sure on their gauge but they will come in handy when I do my beading.

Check out these skull beads, they look to be hand made, these will make an awesome Halloween necklace. super duper mega find are these crucifix's, glass beads and charms. Someone was obviously making rosaries as a hobby. I can't wait to work on my rosary!

Buttons, buttons and more buttons....some big and black ones for Halloween crafts, some with shiny bling and others made of abalone. SWEET!

And finally these really cute earrings, they are too short, I like more dangle in my earrings so I am going to add a bigger jump ring for that extra dangle. I love the soft pink stone.

It's not all fun and games volunteering at the thrift shop, you do get hot, sweaty and tired but it's worth it when you come across really cool trinkets.
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Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Really good finds. I especially like the rosaries and glass beads and wire...looks life sterling from the pictures!