Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friendships with gifts...

What a fun bff's and I had our Christmas gift exchange today.
The rules were that all gifts had to be bought at a thrift store, garage sale or flea market. We drew names a couple of months ago so we had plenty time to shop.

Amy received this beautiful basket filled with goodies from Jennifer.

Amy made this beautiful chicken wire frame for Sherry...mannnnn,  too bad that "S" wasn't for Sylvia..haha

I stuffed and stuffed this basket with Amy's favorites..I think she liked it. ;)

This is a funny story...Debbie wanted this cookie house jar from the thrift store but she
kept forgetting to stop by and buy sneaky Dina bought it for her. The surprise on Deb's face was priceless..hahaha

This was a beautiful gift from Amy (yes, we have two Amy's in our group) to was Amy's grandmothers little statue. A very special gift for Dina.

Sherry did a great job finding goodies for me...and she thought I would be hard to shop for! ha...
piece of cake....

My other bff Jennifer received a beautiful green FAT glass vase/jar from Deb.
Jen was lucky enough to get her gift early that is why she is not shown with a gift. I will have to get a pic of her carrying that BIG gift.

Later that day, we spent our day with our children...celebrating their school Christmas party.
Oh Happy Day...I have been blessed with some beautiful friends.

Merry Christmas...


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love that you thrift/garage sale/flea mkt your gifts for each other. That is my kind of shopping. I thrift most of the gifts for my friends and family! Looks like fun and wonderful gifts!

Sassy Marsha said...

How fun, Sylvia!!