Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plant Sale

What a gorgeous day in Florida....

I got up way too early on a Saturday!
go to the
Botanical Fest Plant and Garden Show
in Melbourne.
No, it's not far from home but I did want to get there
early to buy those special plants.

I replaced my Dombeya wallichii...

There was color everywhere...a sure sign of
Spring to come 

When I got home my hubby was making pulled pork in the
smoker outside..the neighborhood smelled
delish...BUT as I entered the house...

This was baking in the oven...YES...he
made home made
French Rolls.
My hubby is the greatest....not only is he
a super duper great guy....he loves to cook and
experiment with recipes...

Ahhhh...Life is Good...



Mary Claire said...

Sounds like our hubbies have something in common...both love to cook...we are both very lucky!!! Looks like an awesome place to buy plants...I'm hoping to get mine in the next few weeks...take care:)


Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day.. you got some great plants and ate REALLY well with your SUPER husband!>)