Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I asked my 43 year old Knight in rusty armor what he wanted for Christmas and he not only told me what he wanted but where, why and how much...lol So this past weekend we galloped over to Orlando and bought his Ibanez electric guitar. Ladies...does your knight act like a kid in the candy store while purchasing his gift? lol  I love that I have total control as to WHEN he can play his guitar. I love that he has to WAIT until Christmas to stroke those strings...hehehe...but wait there's more to his list...

1. Ibanez electric guitar
2. metronome
3. Call of Duty Moders Warfare 2
4. Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey
5. 720P movie projector
6. Pittsburgh Steeler hat
7. Alien ware laptop
8. Pittsburgh Steelers to win another Superbowl (NOT going to happen)
9. Swimming pool that stays clean..hehehe
10. A quiet weekend with his beautiful, sweet and loving wife (ok I embellished this one a tiny bit.hehe).  I would love to hear what your knight in rusty armor has put on his Santa list....

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Gypsy Brocante said...

I see some things on your hubby's list that would be on mine as well ... ANYTHING Steelers ... can you believe he wanted to name our little Gypsy Prince 'Steeler' ... I'm SERIOUS ... and I ALMOST agreed to it!