Monday, February 8, 2010

Chocolate and Flowers

Happy Monday my friends....what are you plans for today? Cleaning up after the big Super Bowl party? Finishing the laundry that you put off yesterday? That's me...I have to finish laundry today, should have done it yesterday dang it! hahaha.  But like some other families, we sat down and watched the Super Bowl....we mostly watched it for the commercials but I have to say the game was pretty exciting. We cheered for the Saints and they won!!!   "The Who" was pretty awesome too, I always love to watch the drummers, they have the most funniest facial expressions while they play. hehehe.

Check out these cute heart peeps that I found at Walmart....I put one in my hot chocolate and it was super yummy, made the chocolate creamier. Try it you'll like it.
We did yard work yesterday morning, cleaning up all those dead plants and branches that I lost during the freeze and as I was pulling  and tugging, I noticed my ground orchid in bloom. I love these beauties, they bloom a long time! We also noticed lots of birds around the back yard and wooded area, it sure felt like Spring around here. I wish I would have grabbed my camera because I swear we had at lest 3 different kinds of birds in our backyard.
Have a great day......


Linda said...

Yeah Saints! Chocolate and flowers, doesn't get much better then that! I have laundry to do today also...sigh, does it never end?

House and Garden Boutique said...

Love the idea of the peep in the hot chocolate! What a fun thing to do to spice up a drink. I'll have to try that in my hot tea.....Happy Monday! XXOO Lynn

sissie said...

Yum, a peep in hot chocolate. Doesn't get any better than that.

As for cleaning up my yard, oh my aching back! Gotta get going on it soon.