Wednesday, February 17, 2010

denim, lace and pink sweaters

Do you ever have those days when you just want to create? My friend Dina and I got together today for some altered couture..hahaha. Nothing fancy mind you....we are beginners in this field...but we did have fun adding our own personalities to our clothes. Dina found this super cute pink sweater at Goodwill for like $2.00 then added lace to the cuffs and changed the buttons to a more funky look, turned out VERY CUTE.
The denim jacket is mine...Goodwill find for $3.00....I wanted to create one of those chiffon flowers that Linda from Robin's Egg Blues ....(check out her giveaway too) created awhile back and wanted to wear it with my denim jacket. A vintage lace doily was used as the background of the flower then I used chiffon petals and tied it together with a vintage rhinestone button. THEN....more vintage lace was sewn on the inside of the cuffs to give it that girly fun look. My thumb is sore from pushing the needle back and forth but I must say that it turned out super cute too!
This super cute vest belongs to Dina's 13 year old daughter. Her daughter is tall, smart and beautiful to boot. She can wear the cutest clothes when she wants to...and with that in mind Dina found this black vest for her. Dina changed out the buttons to add more of a rocker type look and added a soft lace flower with a button in the center.  It will look great on her with her skinny jeans and boots.
We had a lot of fun comes hats and who knows what else....


Linda K. said...

Oh my Sylvia! I think your flower is very pretty! I love the simplicity of it. Sometimes I get a little gawdy with things like this. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway.


Dina said...

Friendship, Creativity, and tunes. What a nice morning we had. Can't wait to try it all again. Dina

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia,
I love what you and your friend did to spruce up your clothing. I have always loved a big flower on a denim jacket. Especially when the jacket was only $3. Deal!
Have a great day.

Natacha said...

What a wonderful ideas Sylvia! I have a denim jacket like that in my closet...

Judi said...

How nice to spend time with a friend crafting & having some fun! Denim jacket, my kinda clothes!! Judi