Friday, February 5, 2010

Daytona Beach

Nooooo...not "the" race..... the antique shops! My friend invited me to go thrifting and antiquing in Daytona Beach, how could I say no to that? She is always on the lookout for retro 50's stuff. She met a vendor at Mt. Dora's Rennigers flea market and was invited to visit her shop in Daytona. When we got there, the shop was soooo crowded with had to step outside to let someone else in...hahaha. We struck out but did visit the antique store across the street. Boy or Boy...was that store catered to her taste...there was retro 50's EVERYWHERE....from bakelite to barkcloth to vintage ties, plates, jewelry...I can go on and on....She was in hog heaven and did buy two really cute barkcloth chairs for her 50's room. Me? What did I buy? Not much there..hahaha...I did find two cute little frozen charlottes and some stone marbles for my boys and that was it! I know...I know...I usually buy more.  BUT...I did find the next thing I want to collect....they are sort of ...kind frozen charlottess but they are little naked ladies...hahahaha. I know...why naked? These little bisque dolls were lounging on sofas, stretched out, tiny cute things but VERY expensive. Most of them were between $100-200.00 in price, made in Germany. Ohhh they were so the hunt begins.  Here are some pictures of some shops we visited....Enjoy...



sissie said...

Wow, I would sure like to visit there. Hope you found a lot of good stuff.


Judi said...

Gosh there sure were a ton of great finds there! Would have taken me all day to see everything. I love the linens. Do your boys collect the marbles or are they just for fun? Judi

Barbara Jean said...

Great pics Sylvia!

blessings and have a great weekend.

barbara jean