Sunday, March 28, 2010

Live and Learn....

Another trip to Lowe's this moring to buy more mulch and a much needed edging material to separate the plants from the path. It all looked so BLAH so I am hoping the edging helps. I really was not to impressed with what Lowe's carried but I did finally agree on a recycled black composite edging....$17.70 a 20ft roll. This is a two person job because it is hard to manuever the my hubby came to the rescue.   I did buy 6 more bags of eucalyptus mulch but as you can see I need to buy more! 

I still need to add more cow manure on the other side, by the a/c. I previously added 1 bag but the soil is still too sandy...the water runs off and the plants are looking a bit wilted. Once that is done I will edge and mulch.

Did you notice that I painted the 4x4 posts? And I think I have the perfect finials for the top but I have to figure out how to attach them. More on that later.

What I learned today was that edging should be placed BEFORE the and learn!  



Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH boy can I relate to this post. Live and learn! I so have done things like this but we are
Anyway your going to love the end results thats what matters. I need you here to help me with my is not good

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Sylvia... thank you so much for visiting me today! I do believe you love gardening as much as I do... there is nothing more calming and satisfying than walking through our gardens in the early morning hours... I love your little "secret garden" and I am sure you have little flower fairies there helping you! xoxo Julie Marie

mraloha1 said...

I learned that lesson a long time ago

Judi said...

Every year I learn new lessons ~ you weather seems to be cooperating nicely for all the work you are getting done ~ I'm green with envy! Looks great ~ Judi

Tootsie said...

I don't use mulch, but I can say that it would be hard to keep it under control in my garden...too many
I love the window photo...I have a few in my garden I actually built right into the fence to make it easier to enjoy the front side yard from the back garden room I made.
I wish you a Happy Easter my friend...great post today