Monday, January 24, 2011

Charlottes & Charms

I'm so excited to have received my order from
Corey. She sells Brocante wares through Tongue in Cheek

Another exciting find from the T.S. are these two 14K & 18K gold charms.
They will definitely end up on my bracelet.

I am linking up to Linda's Coastal Charm Nifty Thrifty Tuesday...lots of goodies to see.

Have a great evening...


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks for making me remember that I have a charm bracelet...I need to go looking for it:)


fitzcharming said...

You find the best things. I love the charms and I know I would never find anything so precious if I was thrifting. You have skills.

Marilyn Rock said...

These are wonderful!