Saturday, June 25, 2011

Auction treasures

Hello there friends...
It's been a busy... fun week...

I went to an auction at the
Antique Emporium on Thursday.
It's was very exciting, my poor
little ears strained to hear the auctioneer's
rapid speech.
 I previewed the auction items
the day before so I knew what I wanted to
bid on. And as my item came up for bid, my heart rate
accelerated and my hand clenched my auction
The cute suitcase was one of my winnings at the auction
and the rest was found at the flea market this morning.

the wooden crate is so cute, I can't decide whether
to keep it or sell it...

Chest out ladies!!! LOL
She was one of my winnings at the auction too.

I had so much fun bidding that I am going again
next week!!

Have a great weekend,


Betsy said...

You lucky girl! You have some great treasures there, but my favorite is the dress form.

SueBee said...

Auctions scare did great!
Have a great weekend friend~xoxo~SueBee

Tynk said...

LOVE your winnings!! LOL I've never gone to an auction.. yet. Too freaked out I guess of all the hustle and bustle and not being able to keep up.
What flea market did you go to this morning?

sissie said...

Great wins and finds Sylvia! I love the mannequin.


Deana said...

Drooling over the egg basket (or golf ball basket I can never tell) as I have been searching sales for a long time looking for one. Enjoy!

Robyn Story said...

I LOVE all your finds. Isn't it the best feeling when you come across all those goodies!! Estate sales, flea markets, consignment stores....oh the treasures to be found!! Gorgeous blog!!!