Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Flea Finds

Have I ever told you that I love
Yep, it's my favorite day of the week,
you see....I get up early and
venture to our local flea markets.

I find cool stuff like this...
2 Coke crates in yellow, vintage books,
vintage linen, vintage gloves and
a carved handle broom.

Oh and I was also looking for a large
size rug and found
this cool faded a bit dirty
rag rug...

Isn't the heart shaped rock pretty cool?
I am a happy flea camper...

I am linking up to
Thrifty Thursday...Tales from Bloggeritaville

3 Quarts of Annie Sloans Chalk Paint!!!

Yes!!!!...3 Quarts of Chalk Paint...oh the
possibilites....check out the giveaway..

Happy June...


Lisa Russell said...

I LOVE the yellow coke crates! I love Wednesdays also to venture out. Great finds!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow where do you go on Wednesdays? I bet if you were like me, you were up with the shuttles sonic boom about 2:30am YIKKES Great finds Sylvia!


Pam said...

I grew up with a flea market in my home town. Never went to it and I'm kicking myself now. Great yellow crates. I see the red ones, but the yellow ones are pretty cool.