Friday, June 17, 2011

Cherub fountain

On the way back from Lowe's I
detoured to a garage sale.
(now remember I only carry $5.00 in my wallet for
emergencies like these)
and look what I bought...

3 cherubs on a fountain...

sure the middle cherub has a foot missing

along with other parts missing but
I love, love, love it!
Hubby said he would wire it for
me so that I can acutally have
water running thru it.

Hopefully I will have another cherub fountain
by the end of this month...stay tuned...



Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Sylvia....what a great find! I've purposely NOT been out junkin', but then when I see this...hummmm...I might have to head out in the morning for a bit!
Have a wonderful weekend.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Shut up! Sylvia I am so jealous, that is the cutest fountain I have ever seen!! My bird bench sold to a blog follower from Lakeland...The power of blogging. Have you found a booth to rent yet? You would do so well!


KarenSue said...

Oh Sylvia! I love it..
That's what I love about junkin, $5.00 can go a long way!
Good job.

Get a booth!

Tynk said...

Holy Cow what a score!! $5 bucks? Are you serious?!?! That is awesome!!

lvroftiques said...

Sylvia I just found your blog and I'm already green with envy!! I could cry! What a fabulous score!....I think I need chocolate to get over this one *winks* Vanna