Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wooden boxes

You could tell our afternoon storms were approaching because
it was so humid at the flea market today.
But that didn't stop me from shopping...

This cute little shabby white desk was a great find...

it does need some TLC though.

Today was an all wooden box day!
I couldn't believe my luck when I found
the small red California prune box.
I bought one a couple of weeks ago on etsy and
decided that I wanted another one. The
flea market Gods answered my request I

The 1950's Posties soda box was a cool find along with
another coke crate, tool box and General Radio Company box.

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Have a great day!!


sissie said...

It's so hard to resist crusty wooden boxes. I know, because I have collected quite a few!

Love yours.


Patti said...

Love the crates...but the desk is what I would love to have - just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those boxes are fabulous! Nice finds!