Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curbside finds

I do brake for junk!
As I was driving by my neighbor Diana's
house, I had to reverse my truck because
she had two beautiful,
mirrors by the curb!

 This is one of them...
thankfully the frame was
still intact.

But it does have several
designs in the frame missing.
The other mirror's frame came apart
from being stored outside in a wooden shed.

She was surprised that I still wanted them...haha..
of course I had to tell her that I love
anything old and chippy.

That's when she offered me her
Domestic sewing machine. 

 It too was in the shed
but in fairly good
 She wouldn't take any
$$, said she was
 about to put the machine
by the curb too. (yikes!)

 Everything is there,
I can't wait to clean her up!!!

A fun class has been added
to my project plate..learning
how to texture my pictures.

I signed up for Kim Klassen's
and today's theme
was PINK.

Even though I am still
a newbie,
it was lots of fun creating the textured
I am also taking her FREE skinny-mini course...YES....FREE...check it out.

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Linda Makiej said...

Love the pink!!! Just great.... :)