Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lamps and Doll broom

Every time I bring a lamp or two
home my poor dear hubby
groans. Another project for him...

BUT not this time!!!

I took the lamps apart, took
the old hardware pieces with me to Lowe's,
compared and bought what was needed.

Then I re-wired one (with my hubby as a supervisor) and
had my oldest son do the other (he has to learn too!).

With  practice, I won't need hubby as a supervisor anymore.
Yay for him!!!

 I haven't found that "right"
lampshade yet...maybe
I need smaller bulbs?

 As you can see I used
a lot of crystals
 for these my
stash is running looowwwww.

I giggled when I saw this cute
doll broom. Her body language
reminded me of...ME...

this blogger has been a bit snippy
around here and I totally blame
it on the heat!!

Ohhhh I almost forgot to mention...the black book is a 1925 pathology book...
so perfect for Halloween don't you think?

Linking up to  Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Boggeritaville.

I also want to mention that Laura at 52 FLEA is having a 700th post give back!!  The winner will recieve beautiful fabrics and accessories from Cabbage and Roses along with Christina Strutt's Homemade Vintage Book!!!! 
Winning this would definetly put me in a good mood!!! haha

Happy Thursday...


Linda said...

I love these lamps...I hope that you can find the right shades.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Those are fabulous lamps!! and the doll broom I would just have to keep! I have been rewiring my lamps for ever and just found a great tip, on a blog of course. I now rewire them with 25 cent extension cords I find at the thrift store...saves me tons of money.


Denise said...

I love checking your always find some cool stuff. I can't wait till I get a chance to go check out your mall. Maybe we can meet and have lunch!