Friday, July 22, 2011

Craigslist finds

Look what I found on craigslist...

For only $10.00... 

 Sure it has a corner chip but still
a great deal .

 It's going in the new
garden bed that I started
months ago...

Patty's tastes have changed,
she no longer wanted
these $10 treasures in her garden.

I think this one will be filled with mini

And while I am out in the garden...
 I will be wearing my NEW
garden boots! They were marked
down to 65%, they are so comfy
that I ordered 3 more for my
female relatives.

My $1.00 flea finds this week were these Ball jars,
such vivid aqua color
with zinc lids.

 They are keepers and sitting
pretty in my garden window.

My only win at the auction
is this $10.00 tapestry pillow. I intend to tear
it apart and make
a bag out of it.
The material is bright, strong and very
sturdy to hold some of my
flea finds.

I hope you all found some great finds
this week.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have myself some pretty garden boots too! I am so worried I will run into a snake in the garden LOL! Sylvia, you should try some altered books like I showed in your booth, they have really sold well in mine


Deana said...

I love it. We all have flaws. A little chip just adds some charm sometimes :)