Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super duper flea finds

I woke up this morning asking myself
what day it was. It's Wednesday.
OHhhh, it's Wednesday!
Flea market day...

And what a day it was!!!
I was extremely happy to find
these beauties...

The left one has some laminate pieces
missing so it will definitely

get fixed and painted. What color you ask?
...not sure yet but
I do love those porcelain white knobs
and the little groves on each side.

This little and I mean little
beauty will go in my bathroom
and again undecided if it will be painted.
Love those legs!!!

Check this table out!
It was a curb side find yesterday...
and it fits nicely where its at.

Purely shabby chic don't ya think?
Now to see if it's hubby

Can you say SCORE? Because that's
what I kept saying this morning when I
came across these super duper triple duper finds!!!

The colors on the wooden fishing lure
and bobbers are so beachy...
and I couldn't resist the little
cork dude..his eyes
follow the camera..check it out. lol

The knobs on the partial~non existence doors are
a true find around here.

The vendor had so much of this stuff,
I kept making a pile and he kept giving me deals...hahaha...finally
 he tallied me up and said
 he'd throw in the blue ladle for a couple of dollars to make it even.
 Of course you do the flea market shrug
 and say sure like it's no big deal.

I wonder if he saw me doing the happy skip back to my truck..haha 

I think the vendor was as happy as I was
for the sale of his junk because
as I was leaving he gave me this for free.
He asked if I knew what it was and
immediately I said a potato masher...
he laughed and said it was
a toiled paper holder...hahahaha

Hmmm....I've never been given a TP holder before...
he will definitely get my business next time!! LOL

If I could insert a piece of a song
here it would be
K.C and the sunshine band

That's the way aha aha I like it...
sing with me..

I finally have something white to post
on Faded Charm's White Wednesday...
and Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday
come check it out.

Have a great week,


Anne Davis said...

Oh, oh, oh I so want to go flea market shopping with you!!! Such fabulous finds.

Love it!

vikki said...

No good flea markets here, but love to see what others find. We do have great yard sales, just have to look and look. Love your blog, so many cute things.

Liz said...

You DID get some awesome stuff! :)


Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Oh yes, love a day like you had! I can hear the band singing right now! I really love that sweet little square table; so cute!

Denise said...

Great finds...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your little table...awesome legs! It's definitely an oldie! If it is small then it could have been a child's table. I've been contemplating buying the one at the antique mall but it doesn't look like yours. Oh, where to put it??? I'm smiling watching you do your happy dance!!!

Lisa Russell said...

I love the door knobs!! You are right, that is a rare find around here!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Hello! I absolutely love you find! We love similar things. I am new to blogging and just got my page up. I am adding pictures of some of my treasures too. I will visit your page often!

SueBee said...

Wednesday Flea Market? I didn't know they did that. I just might have to go there. You did really good Sylvia.
Happy football to you!!