Friday, September 16, 2011

The Antique Emporium, Cocoa FL

Here is my space at
The Antique Emporium...

 It's lots of fun finding goodies for
my little space,
and I especially like
repairing, painting and mosaic-in

The chicken wire on the wall
really helps with the smaller items.

The screen I worked on this summer...

This is an older picture...
the green potting bench sold right away.

Can you tell I really like
robins egg blue paint? LOL

Some of these goodies
came from my house,
some all the way from California.

My new venture started in
July of this year...
I needed a change and
my hubby was the one
who actually convinced me.
What a guy!

The only thing I dislike is
taking inventory of EVERYTHING... handwriting tends to
get really sloppy while
doing this..hehe

If you are ever in my area
 send me an email
and I can meet you at
The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Ave
Cocoa, FL

I have been working like a mad woman
trying to find places to advertise the store...
taking pictures like crazy so
that you all can see what
goodies we have for you.

Thanks to all my blogging
friends who have given
me help and advise
in my new venture.

Have a great weekend,


The Polka Dot Closet said...

It looks great! The chicken wire is a great idea! YOu changed the look of your blog? I did not see your picture and thought I was at the wrong house LOL!


Denise said...

I think your space is cute, too. I have that little child's folding chair, too...maybe I should have a pair?? Oh, wait...mine is now pink and white!!! I'd love to meet you at the shop sometime. Hopefully, soon. Let me know if you ever get this way.