Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shabby White chair

Wow, this is the last week in
The month has flown by for me...
and it still has not slowed down.

Hubby's birthday is on Thursday...
we won't be celebrating until
the weekend since
Thursday is football night for us.
And what a game it's going to be too...
we...ok...they play Viera.
Wish us luck!!

I had so much fun participating
in the practical magic blog party, met
some really nice funny ladies.

Thank you for all the nice comments and emails,
it's good to know that someone actually
does read my blog...haha

I haven't had time to thrift or
go to the flea market in the
last couple of weeks...work
is getting in the way...haha
BUT....as I was driving by a
thrift store I saw this
really pretty shabby chair
outside their store.
A quick u-turn and this chair was
paid for and in the back of my truck.
It's going into my space
at the emporium!!

The latest estate sale I am working on with my
friend is pure eye candy...
lots of Persian rugs, antique furniture,
mouth watering dishes and lamps...
I will post pictures later today.

Gotta run...
have a super duper day,

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Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Sylvia...yea, I'm with you...can't believe September is almost gone. Now, if that only meant that we are in for some Fall weather!

Question: Where did you get that huge sunflower head? Did you grow it? I love it!

Have a great week,