Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rusty Gate and My Trinkets get-together

It's so much fun to shop with another
antique/collector dealer.
I learned so much
from Denise today...The Rusty Gate
We liked the same things...
compared stories of great finds and sales...
both my arms were full along
with Denise's buggy!

Giant apothecary bowl
will be full of sea shells...
Check out the Louis Icart print...
I sure hope I have a frame for it.

Princess house decanter, heavy
pink candle holder and a 
cute shell picture were some
fun finds!!

I love the color combination...
the signed BLUE Joy of Cooking cookbook
is a those blues!!!

Red Cliff ironstone pitcher and Steiff pewter
cups and bowl were a

Now you know I can't pass up
these sweeties...yup it's
a keeper.

Super cool yellow vintage cart with
wrought iron's full
of scratches and stains...
I am going to try and sell it AS IS
and see what happens...

Thanks Denise for a great day,
I hope you can come visit again, soon.


P.S....If you are interested in these
great finds come down to
The Antique Emporium
625 Florida Ave.
Cocoa, FL


Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I just love the blue cookbook, pewter and yellow metal table! I'd buy it as is for sure!

Denise @ The Rusty Gate said...

Hi, Sylvia. I had a great time as well and so much enjoyed meeting you and sharing our experiences. Thanks for sharing your flea market with me...we both went home with a good load of treasures. I am excited about the chandelier that I bought at The Antique glad that I went back to get it. I look forward to our next get-together, too! denise

SueBee said...

Great finds Sylvia! I think The Joy of Cooking is about 1953, I have 2 from that year. And the cart is perfect! It is fun to shop with a fellow junker and you picked a good one, Denise does know her stuff. Keep on junkin~SueBee