Monday, January 9, 2012

Bottle tree

Another small project I worked on today
is cleaning wine bottles.

My neighbor gave me this
box of wine bottles.

Look how pretty and colorful they are
once the labels are peeled off!

A Christmas present from my
sweet and dear hubby...
A bottle tree!!!

The bottle tree is finally getting full!
I do need a couple more bottles...

 and I think it will have to be
cemented in the ground as
it tends to lean from
the soft ground.
It will be moved to my new
garden bed once it's done!

Love, love, love it!!!
Thanks Babe...

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SueBee said...

I love this Silvia! What a lucky girl you are.....Happy New Year!

Babs said...

Bottle trees are so much fun... and hopefully keep the garden "haints" away. Can you tell? I'm from the South?