Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Finds

Happy New Year!!!

What a year it was too..
and to quote Adele (my favorite singer)
nothing compares, no worries or cares...
regrets or mistakes, they're memories made...

New Year  finds...
Amy, her MIL and I went
to The Sharing Center
 this morning...
Scored on the SS S&P shakers,
purple bottle, melmac rose dishes...

I have a really cool neighbor that scraps metal and when
he finds garden stuff he brings it home for me.
He found this crock...can't believe someone
was throwing that away!!!

The 1956 leather bound dictionary and
green tool box will be at the emporium sometime
this week!

The $1.00 chipped John Haddock & Sons blue bowl was a
great find to my mosaic collection
the vintage light fixture is so retro...
it brings back memories.

It will be for sale at the emporium too.

Retro leather coat
at a great price!!

the crude looking shelf was
for displaying some of my items.

The table will be painted and the
large Vermont picnic basket will
also end up at the emporium.

And after trying to figure out how to re-arrange things
around the house it was time for a long nap.

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I will be there tomorrow taking care of business!!!


Christine said...

Great finds. Love that purple bottle!!

Deana said...

Love that crock! Nice find! It is shocking what people discard.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Sylvia,I feel like we have not visited for a while, first is that kitty for sale...So cute! That crock was quite a prize, I love that everyone knows what you like and drag the treasures to you...Who would throw that out??