Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White mirror

I was not able to go the the flea market today
so I thought I'd show you what I
have been working on.

Remember this?

It now has two coats of ASCP...
and I still need to touch up here and there
then maybe some dark AS wax.

My furniture projects are getting smaller....and
I need to run to Mt. Dora and buy more paint.

Road trip...



sweetpea said...

looks very pretty! thanks for your comment sylvia!



Denise @ The Rusty Gate said...

I love the white it Old White or the new brighter white? Looks great with shells and the pretty crystal lamp. If you decide to come to Mt. Dora, let me know. I went over on Saturday to pick up some paint myself...and I need to go back already. I might want to try the brighter white...I can't wait to show you my dresser and desk that I am just about finished with. I hope to get them posted early next week. Will be in Dunedin this weekend. Talk soon! denise