Friday, November 27, 2009

I sure had fun doing Vintage Black Friday, digging around in my cabinets coming up with  goodies that I hadn't seen in years and also realizing how bad of a hoarder I am!!!!  Do I not throw anything away???? lol For son came in to our room the other day with Charlie in his arms. It seems my son has been digging around in the closets and drawers too (possibly looking for Christmas presents? hahaha). He came across my hubby's old Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll. My 9 year old proceeded to entertain us, he was pretty good if you were standing in front of him but if you were standing behind him you could see the side of those little lips moving. Jeff Dunham he is not..hahaha   We had some laughs and even laughed at some of the cute little writings my hubby had written on the box many, many years ago. Charlie has lost his shoes and his monacle along the years but it's good to see he is still being enjoyed.                            Friends, I want to warn you about going to certain sites on the world wide web. I was looking for a cute Christmas counter for my blog and happened to click on a website that I thought was virus free. Sure enough my desktop was hijacked by a virus, we do have anti-virus software installed but I got no warning! I couldn't do anything, luckily my gorgeous, sexy dear hubby is a computer geek so he set things right again!!! So no cute Christmas counter for me... ALSO..I want to mention that I have passed my 100th post so I too would like to do a giveaway...I will be posting later what the giveaway will be (actually I need to find something..hehehe) so please stay tuned.      Be careful out there while doing your Black Friday Shopping....gotta tell you that my hubby came home with 6 beautiful poinsettas plants this morning, one is for me of course and the others to give as gifts. Is that sweet or what!!!!


Claudia said...

Oh, I love Charlie McCarthy! What a treasure....wonderful for VBF! Thanks for the warning about the site - it is scary how fast one can be transported to a bad site.

Happy VBF!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Wow, that is indeed quite a treasure!!!

Happy VBF!


julie said...

That Charlie is great. Happy VBF...julie