Monday, November 16, 2009

Up in the Air with A Fanciful Twist....

Do you ever have a plan when you wake up in the morning? My plan was planned...down to the tee! I even slipped my camera case (with camera inside) over my shoulder so I wouldn't forget it and mess up my perfect plan. I gave myself enough time to drive into Merritt Island to avoid the traffic, stopped for a few hours and volunteered at my favorite thrift shop. Next thing I hear and felt is that deep rumble (sort of like an earthquake) and realized my plan was ruined!!! I literally ran out of the shop, ran to my car and quickly grabbed my camera and tried to focus on Space Shuttle Atlantis. It was too way off in the atmosphere for me to catch it but I did catch its trail (sorry I don't know its correct name). Sooooo...this is my perfect picture from my perfect plan.
If you check out NASA. com, you will be able to see some AMAZING pictures of the shuttle (I would've had amazing pictures too!).

After I got home and was busy making dinner my husband walks in with the mail and says with a question..."You got a package from Fanciful Twist?" My reply was "Wow, already, I just ordered from her a couple of days ago". I didn't immediately open up the package because the outside of the envelope was too good to miss. Vanessa's art work adorned the outside too... The envelope is definitely a keeper I did finally open the package, trying not to tear her pretty sticker on the back and quickly took out the cellophane package. I couldn't wait to tear off that plastic thing off but couldn't find how to open it..hahahaha
This is what I ordered from Miss lovely and talented Vanessa. I am a sucker for cloche jars and when I saw these cards in her etsy shop I did not hesitate at all!!!! I love all the little details she added to her cards Not only did I get the cards I got her personalized business card, a picture of Sweety -pie wishing me a Magical day, which by the way is going to be my bookmark. And a very pretty Thank You card.

For those of you that haven't visited Vanessa's blog, you have got to check it out. You can find her at A Fanciful Twist. Thank You Vanessa for my beautiful cards!