Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wonderful surprises

After a couple of hectic days, I finally got a chance to walk out in the garden and see what was going on....I was very excited to see my hoya linearis getting ready to bloom...OR this could be its blossom...I don't know...I've never seen it in bloom.This pretty yellow flower was a cutting I got from my's now ready to be transplanted to its proper spot....

Never in my previous years have I had problems growing tomatoes until we moved to Florida. Could it be that I don't have much time for my veggies? Maybe it's too hot for them in our hot humid weather or maybe they just don't like me! So this year I planted 2 tomato plants in pots right next to my back door. It did work, I did get little yellow tomatoes, 3 little tomatoes...yes ONLY 3..hahaha. I am going to savor my harvest and plan a little better come spring.

About a month ago I was trimming some of my plants and happened to notice a passion fruit vine growing along my fence. Where did it come from? I don't remember planting a vine there. Today as I was walking around I noticed passion fruit from that mysterious vine...I was so excited! I cant wait to make more passion fruit pie...perfect for the holidays.
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