Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon over Mt. Dora

What are you asking Santa for Christmas? My hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I didn't give him an answer because I just don't know. There are too many I want new pruners for the garden? Maybe a another trellis for those vines that are growing out of control. Or do I want another piece of jewelry? Hmmmmm...decisions...decisions.

I am so excited for this weekend to seems I will be spending lots of time with my girlfriends...Tonight we are going to see "New Moon". Even though I really didn't care much for the second book, I still have to see the movie..I thought Bella was too wishy washy and I do expect to be teary eyed when Edward leaves.

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Then on Saturday my girlfriends and I are heading out to the Mt. Dora's Antique Extravaganza. We have been waiting a whole year for this super duper flea market. We did go last year but we need to go back this year for the "should have bought" items we passed up. Maybe I'll find my Christmas present.

Have a great weekend....

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