Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Do you know what time it is? It's tool time...ooops...I mean Thrifty Thursday, hosted by Leigh. Mozy on over to her site and check out all the other goodies posted for today's special event.

This will be my 3rd vintage dress that I own so I guess that officially makes it a collection right? As soon as I saw this pretty thing I fell in love with the ruffly sleeves and the huge pin attached to the ribboned waist. Unfortunately it does have a stain at the bottom front so I will have to see if I can wash it out. Cost $3.00
Don't you love this vintage style phone? It's from Pottery Barn..yiiihaaaaa!!! I haven't checked to see if it works but it really doesn't matter if it doesn't. The Victorian ladies playing cards are my favorite but its too bad that the price was written on the front with black sharpie. I am thinking of adding a small rhinestone there and giving as a gift. Cost...75 cents.
The darling 4 little compote dishes are too cute! They all have bees on the outside and the label on the bottom states "made in France". Perfect for pudding or placing a cupcake in it. Cost..$1.00 I am off to check out all the other Thrifty Thursday finds, see ya tomorrow for VBB.

PS....would love to read your comments...Have a great day.....

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Kate Bagley said...

Great dress! I love the phone too! I think adding the rhinestone to cover up the price is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!